(2021) presents an illustrated version of a notebook turned on its head, following a loose, purely visual narrative of a simple circle traveling through its pages. It attempts to subtly unsettle and subvert the fundamental rules and anticipated behaviors of familiar forms and shapes, the scientific understanding of physical and material qualities, as well as sense of rigidity, movement and gravity, and the perception of space and perspective. It is an impossible meeting place between 2D and 3D where the inherently flat world of drawing encounters conditions of the innate three-dimensionality of the physical world, and vice-versa. It intends to disrupt the fixed structure established by a notebook’s grid, as well as the ingrained qualities of a book as a medium.

It is a self-published edition of 50 books, Riso-printed at the CSM Risograph Studio in four colours; Blue, Bright Red, Green, and Yellow. The books are Swiss-bound with hand-sewn link stitch, with the colour of the thread corresponding to the four different colour versions of the soft cover, which also includes a hand-written title.